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For someone looking to relocate, why consider Kendall Lakes? Well, truth is, there are a lot of reasons why Kendall Lakes makes a ton of sense. Local community, beautiful homes, and the perfect location with quick access to major expressways. We can talk all day long about the importance of location, but it's this particular part of town the sparks interest in buyers looking to find themselves in Kendall Lakes or currently reside there.

When you are considering the purchase of a new home it is important to note that you are also buying into a community. Every professional realtor will encourage you to look at buying a home using a broad scope, taking into account your

neighbors, HOA members ( if there's an association), and most importantly the schools that your children would be attending. There are many questions that need to be answered in order to narrow your search and find the right home.

The first question is often what schools are in the area and how do they rank. Well, if you are considering enrolling your child in public school, your options for Kendall Lakes are Kendall Lakes Elementary (A rated), Howard D. McMillan Middle School (A+ rated), and Sunset Miami Senior High (B rated). If you're thinking about private or charter schools then your options are schools such as Archimedean K-12 (A+ rated), Westwood Christian School (rated n/a), and many more options to choose from. Either way, you can feel safe and secure knowing your child is getting the best care and education available.

Kendall Lakes is a residential market that consists mainly of single-family houses and townhomes. You are surrounded by members of the community who care deeply about the integrity of the neighborhood. Moving into Kendall Lakes is like moving into a colony and embracing a new family. Kids playing and enjoying the outdoors in a safe environment. Parents going to their favorite grocery store and recognizing their kid's teacher shops there too; probably discussing how they're going to get Ryan to layoff the apple juice a little. You will even see the old man walking his retriever, Bear going to pick up Ryan from school.


For a complete breakdown of the local community copy the link to our City Data


Now that you've gotten a broad overview of the community you are buying into, you can start to single out the type of home you are looking for. Do you want one story or two? Are you looking for a townhouse or a single-family home? What about a pool? Well, you have options that you can weigh against each other to make your decision easier. Kendale Lakes was built during the early 80's as a residential community and so many of the homes there are absolutely stunning.


Take this video of one of my listings in Kendall Lakes for example...


Wrapping up, Kendall Lakes is a great place to live. It offers so much to the common buyer. Comfortability, great location, and beautiful homes. Finding the right home just requires sound research and having the assistance of a market professional to guide you to the finish line. South Florida has so many areas to choose from when thinking about buying a house. Kendall Lakes is one of those that makes a lot of sense. To get in touch with a market expert, contact author Adrian Diaz by clicking on the contact tab above.


Adrian Diaz

Real Estate Agent

Luxe Properties, LLC

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