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Selling Your Home Fast

Those who want to sell their home are looking for three key things. 1 is to sell the home for the most amount of money possible. 2 is to sell it within a certain amount of time for reasons including avoid paying taxes on the property, to use the money from the sale to purchase a new home, etc. and lastly sellers look to sell their home with the least amount of headaches possible, meaning that their realtor should be knowledgeable enough to see problems before they happen and be proactive in finding solutions.

Real estate is a valuable industry and each piece of land and structure has a certain monetary amount of dollars associated with it. When selling your property, money is the most important factor and getting the most amount of money for your property relies on a certain set of crucial keys. 1 would be the motive to sell the property. If you are looking to sell without real interest in profitability then there is a high chance that you will not acquire the entire amount of money

that the property is worth. Another important factor is appeal. Square footage and location can only take you so far. Making sure that the property looks as best as it can is a great way to cover up any blemishes that may exist. Make sure that when showing a property that it looks as best as possible. Mow the lawn, paint the walls, and most importantly make sure that it smells like fresh air and baked bread. Smell is as important as anything when it comes to making somebody feel good while walking the property and thinking about submitting an offer. Each seller has their own motive as to why they want to sell a property. The first step is figuring out what that motive is and act accordingly. For some, the motive is to relocate because of a career opportunity somewhere else. Another motive may be to down size or move to a bigger home. Whatever the case may be, identifying the reason for selling your home is important in forming a plan to get you the most amount of money when selling your property.

As time passes more money is spent on insurance, taxes, association fees in some circumstances and this takes away

from the profit generated in the sale of a property. Getting a property off the market quickly means less money is spent on miscellaneous expenses. With time being an important factor in selling a property, you will need a real estate agent that is aggressive in their approach and is frequently hosting open houses, markets your property on social networks, and is part of a team of well connected agents that have a large reach to get potential buyers to look at the property and avoid the stress of having a constant flow of unqualified buyers visiting and submitting offers on the property. A potential buyer can walk up to the property at anytime and you must be ready to show them all of the great characteristics that your home has to offer.

Keeping your property in tip-top shape at all times is a great way to ensure that you are using your time wisely to sell your home quickly. Another way to speed up the sale of your property is to do thorough market analysis and obtaining quality comparable sales. By doing this you will be able to come up with a reasonable and competitive asking price so that potential buyers don’t overlook your property because it is way too over-priced. Know what similar houses in your neighborhood have sold for. What are the differences between those properties and yours? How much has the market appreciated over the last 5 to 10 years? Knowing all of the details allows you to arrive at the right price and provides you justification for your asking price when a buyer asks how you arrived at your asking price. This also gives you an idea of within what margins you would be willing to negotiate.

A quality realtor should be experienced in performing a Comparable Market Analysis or CMA. A CMA is an informal appraisal that a realtor should present to a seller when trying to get the listing. As a realtor, showing the homeowner that you are knowledgeable and specialize in that type of sale is important in anticipating any potential headaches or stressful situations that may arise during the selling process and help in coming up with logical solutions. Selling fast depends entirely on knowing how the market is reacting whether it is trending

upward on down in value. Headaches and unforeseen issues prolong that sale of a property so getting those taken care of immediately means you are serious about selling and are taking the necessary steps early to avoid any unwanted stress. A quality agent will need to go the extra mile for you by hosting frequent open house events, the agent should use his or her extended network to successfully market the property, and be knowledgeable in negotiations on your behalf. Knowing how to highlight the a property’s best assets and add value to the property by doing so is a skill that not enough real estate agents focus on. Find a negotiator with integrity, knowledge, and experience.

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