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2018 Trendy Smart Home Tech

As technology continues to evolve and make life easier, home tech is a growing market and it looks like it's here to stay. With the introduction of gadgets such as Apple's Homekit and all of its compatibility features that allow you to manage everything from dimming the lights to locking your doors from a remote location, life is becoming more connected than ever before. In this post I will discuss some trending products for 2018 that may just have you thinking...what took so long?

Fun Fact: The name Alexa ranked in the top 50 names given to female newborns in 2017; Highest since the 1970s. The origins of the name mean "defender of mankind", but C'mon...

Let's Begin, shall we...

#1 Air Quality Control

We finally have the luxury and piece of mind with environment control inside your home or business. Constantly testing for things such as humidity, CO2 levels, and Carbon Monoxide, in-home climate control can be crucial to avoiding disaster and it also helps to simply set the perfect atmosphere of clean, fresh, and comfortable breathing air. There are many companies out there that make such thermostats, but one that I highly recommend is the Honeywell Lyric T5 Wi-Fi ThermostatApple HomeKit

- This device helps you save over 20% on your air consumption and sets the temp just right for you when you're home.

#2 Alexa

Give your home some spunk, personality, and flare by adding Amazon Alexa to your humble abode. Alexa helps with everything. She can pair with your music streaming app and control compatible home devices to play music through the house's sound system. Look, all you need to know is that Alexa is the beez kneez...

Now $149.99 on Amazon

#3 Motorized Shades

We are no stranger to very high, very hot, and very bright sunlight coming through the windows in South Fla. Motorized shades are essential to keeping temperatures cool inside the house, as well as giving your home a beautiful modern look. Great for the living room or office, or around your entire house, motorized shades can make life easier and make your wallet happier in the long-run.

#4 Solar Power

You need some solar in your life.

Just like your body gets Vitamin D from skin exposure from the sun, solar panels provide much needed energy for your home to power the lights, fridge, or, in some cases, your entire house. Nonetheless, we have great exposure to the sun here in South Fla and energy efficiency is becoming common practice to achieve a more "green" environment. Many people seem to think that installing solar panels is an expensive task and exclusive to the wealthy. That couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, solar panels pay themselves off over time with interest so I personally highly recommend having some panels installed. For information finding a dealer or installation team please contact me directly or comment on this post.

Just in case you need a bit more proof...

apologies for the blurry text in the chart but I'm sure you can see the pattern. Green is solar energy and orange is the common fossil fuel energy source. As you can see, solar energy ranks lowest in CO2 emissions, lower than fossil fuels in cost, and lowest in Non-renewable fraction percentage.

here's the link to the above image

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